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[gon-GOOZ-ling] – Staring for hours at anything out of the ordinary

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The Runt Farm Glossary of Groovy Words

a rexia [A-REX-ee-a] – Beatrice’s mispronunciation of the word anorexia-an eating disorder

amnesia [am-NEE-zhuh] – Loss of memory

bagaceratops [bag-uh-SER-a-tops] – Small-horned dinosaur that lived in Asia

beret [bur-AY] – A cap with no brim or bill, made of soft cloth

biodiesel [BY-oh-dee-zul] – An engine that runs on vegetable oil

bombilatious [BOM-bul-A-shus] – Having the quality of humming or buzzing

chamomile [KAM-uh-meel] – A plant used to make a mild tea

chaos [KAY-ahs] – extreme confusion and disorder

coefficient [ko-uh-FISH-unt] – A number expressing the amount of some change or effect under certain conditions

components [kum-PO-nunts] – Parts

concocted [kon-KOKT-ed] – To prepare by mixing, or to devise

contraption [kun-TRAP-shun] – A device that is very useful for a particular job

conveyor [kun-VAY-ur] – A long, flat, rotating belt used to move items

deluded [dee-LOO-dud] – Having a false belief

enlighten [en-LITE-in] – To create understanding, to clear up or make free from confusion

evaporate [ee-VAP-ur-ate] – Dry up

extravaganza [ex-TRAV-uh-GAN-zuh] – Big, fancy party or production

flawed [flawd] – Has mistakes or is not perfect

fraudulent [FRAW-dyoo-lunt] – Cheating or being dishonest

fumiferous [fyoom-IF-er-us] – Smokey

funtrumptious [fun-TRUMP-shus] – Beatrice made this word up. To her it means really, really, really fun

girth [gurth] – The distance around a person’s body

gongoozling [gon-GOOZ-ling] – Staring for hours at anything out of the ordinary

gudgeon [GUH-jun] – A socket, pivot, or loop made of metal

hillocks [HIL-uks] – Small hills

I-beam [EYE beem] – A length of metal formed in the shape of an I

identity theft [i-DEN-ti-tee theft] – Using someone’s personal information to steal from them

infrared [IN-fra-RED] – Light waves that can’t be seen by human eyes

ingravescent [IN-gra-VES-ent] – Growing worse, as in a disease

intumescence [IN-too-MEH-sens] – Swelling

maestro [MY-stroh] – An artist of great skill

megapod [MAY-guh-pod] – This is a word that Cletus made up on the spot. Mega meaning big and pod meaning feet

muse [myooz] – The source of an artist’s inspiration

nefarious [ni-FARE-ee-us] – Extremely wicked

noggin [NAW-gun] – Head

ominous [AHM-uh-nus] – Threatening

penthouse [PENT-hous] – An apartment located on the top floor of a building

perimeter [pur-IM-it-ur] – The area around the edge of a place

perishable [PARE-ish-a-bul] – Food that will decay if not kept cold

persona [pur-SONE-uh] – A social role, or a character played by an actor

pickery [PIK-uh-ree] – Petty theft (but Beatrice uses it to mean scratchy and uncomfortable)

poultice [POLE-tus] – A soft, moist, mass of cloth, bread, meal, or herbs, applied hot as a medicine for the body

provisions [pro-VIZH-uns] – Supplies, like food and clothing

pseudonym [SUE-du-nim] – A made-up name

quad [kwad] – Four

recrimination [re-KRIM-in-A-shun] – To accuse of wrong doing, or to express regret

rejectamenta [ree-JEK-tuh-MEN-tuh] – Things left behind as useless

riddance [RID-uns] – The act of removing or getting rid of something

sauropod [SORE-uh-pod] – Any herbivorous dinosaur of the suborder Sauropoda, from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, having a small head, long neck and tail, and five-toed limbs: the largest known land animal

scalawag [SKAL-uh-wag] – A deceitful and unreliable person

serendipitous [ser-un-DIP-it-us] – Lucky or fortunate

sodden [SOD-un] – Wet through and through

talisman [TAL-us-mun] – Magical object

Tesla coil [TES-la koil] – A high-voltage electrical transformer named after its inventor, Nikola Tesla

thaumaturge [THAW-muh-TURJ] – Magician

tinder [TIN-der] – Dry material that easily catches fire from a spark

titanium [tie-TANE-ee-um] – A light, strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant metal

transitional object [tran-ZI-shun-ul OB-jekt] – An item that serves a soothing function for children

trounced [TROUNST] – Beat or thrashed soundly

ultroneous [ul-TRO-nee-us] – Spontaneous; something that happens on its own

velvetina [VEL-vu-TEE-nuh] and wetherwort [WEH-thur-wort] – Made-up names for soothing ingredients

vexation [veks-A-shun] – something upsetting

woozy [WOO-zee] – Dizzy